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What I'm Reading - Recent Reads

The holiday season provided time for reading and I found a number of books that were very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to more great finds in the new year, as authors deliver their new releases for 2023. David Hair finished his trilogy of the Tethered Citadel with predictably exciting results. 


Sorcerer's Edge 

David Hair

Amazon Review:  After all they've suffered, rebel sorcerer Raythe Vyre and his fortune-seekers are still empty-handed, but they've found real treasure: peace.
     Deep inside the Ice wastes, Raythe's people stumbled upon Rath Argentium, the legendary Aldar city, and the long-lost Tangato people. After fighting through betrayal, treachery and powerful magic, they forged a hard-won treaty with the Tangato and their extraordinary queen, Shiazar. Now they've put aside their dreams of wealth and revenge and embraced something better: a life outside the tyrannical Bolgravian Empire.
     But the Bolgravian Empire never gives up.
     The empire hasn't forgotten Raythe Vyre, and his enemies know where he is. Guided by Toran Zorne, the implacable imperial assassin, they are coming to claim Rath Argentium for themselves. Raythe and Shiazar know all too well that courage and cunning won't be enough this time: they are outnumbered, out-gunned and out of time.
     Faced with total annihilation, it's up to Raythe to find an edge . . .



Mercy 🔎

David Baldacci



The King's Traitor ⚔ 

Jeff Wheeler



An Unintended Voyage ⚔

Marshall Ryan Maresca



The Bladed Faith ⚔

David Dalglish 


Older recommendations

Nettle And Bone ⚔

T. Kingfisher

A Time Of Courage ⚔

John Gwynne

The Thief's Daughter ⚔ 

Jeff Wheeler

The Justice of Kings ⚔

Richard Swan

The House of Cats and Gulls ⚔

Stephen Deas 

The Moonsteel Crown ⚔

Stephen Deas

Amazon Review:  The Emperor of Aria has been murdered, the Empire is in crisis, and Dead Men walk the streets, but Myla, Fings, and Seth couldn't care less. They're too busy just trying to survive in the Sulk-struck city of Varr, committing petty violence and pettier crimes to earn their keep in the Unrulys, a motley gang led by Blackhand.When the Unrulys are commissioned to steal a mysterious item to order, by an equally mysterious patron, the trio are thrust right into the bitter heart of a struggle for the Crown, where every faction is after what they have.Forced to lie low in a city on lockdown, they will have to work together if they want to save their skins... and maybe just save the Empire as well.

Sixteen Ways To Defend A Walled City ⚔

K. J. Parker

The Wolf Of Oren-Yaro ⚔ 

K.S. Villoso

How To Rule An Empire and

Get Away With It ⚔

K. J. Parker

A Practical Guide To Conquering

The World ⚔

K. J. Parker

The Unwilling ⚔

Kelly Braffet

The 6:20 Man 

David Baldacci 🔎

The Apollo Murders

Chris Hadfield 🔎

Silver Queendom ⚔

Dan Koboldt

The Queen's Poisoner ⚔

Jeff Wheeler

The Splinter King ⚔

Mike Brooks

Publisher’s Weekly Review:  Mike Brooks delivers an outstanding tale of honor, religion, politics, and crime in his second Chronicles of the God-King fantasy (after The Black Coast). In East Harbour, capital of the island realm of Kiburu ce Alaba, street kid Jeya continues to help the last surviving child of the Splinter King, who has taken the name Bulang, to hide from the assassins who killed Bulang’s family—but now someone is targeting Jeya’s friends and allies. In southernmost Narida, Daimon and his new raider wife, Saana, rule over the combined peoples of his Black Keep and her Brown Eagle Clan as a contingent of their rivals from Darkspur come to visit. Meanwhile, Daimon’s foster brother, Darel, travels with the Southern Marshal to the Naridan capital, Idramar, to face the judgment of God-King Natan III, even as Natan’s sister, Tila, faces her own justice for murdering Narida’s Lord Admiral. And in the background, rumors mount that the god Nari has been reborn. Brooks throws in pirates, treachery, witchcraft, combat, and dragons to create a whirlwind of drama and intrigue.

A Time Of Blood ⚔

John Gwynne

World's Edge ⚔ 

David Hair

The Pariah ⚔

Anthony Ryan

The Stone Knife ⚔

Anna Stephens

A Time Of Dread

John Gwynne

From the Amazon description:

     A race of warrior angels, the Ben-Elim, once vanquished a mighty demon horde. Now they rule the Banished lands, but their peace is brutally enforced.

In the south, hotheaded Riv is desperate to join the Ben-Elim's peacekeeping force, until she unearths a deadly secret.

     In the west, the giantess Sig investigates demon sightings and discovers signs of an uprising and black magic.

And in the snowbound north, Drem, a trapper, finds mutilated corpses in the forests. The work of a predator, or something far darker?

     It's a time of shifting loyalties and world-changing dangers. Difficult choices need to be made. Because in the shadows, demons are gathering, waiting for their time to rise. . .



Michael J. Sullivan


The New Climate War

Michael E. Mann


Find You First

Linwood Barclay


The Wisdom of Crowds

Joe Abercrombie

The Black Coast

Mike Brooks

From the Amazon description:

War Dragons. Fearsome Raiders. A Daemonic Warlord on the Rise.  

When the citizens of Black Keep see ships on the horizon, terror takes them because they know who is coming: for generations, the keep has been raided by the fearsome clanspeople of Tjakorsha. Saddling their war dragons, Black Keep's warriors rush to defend their home only to discover that the clanspeople have not come to pillage at all. Driven from their own land by a daemonic despot who prophesises the end of the world, the raiders come in search of a new home . . .



David Baldacci

Sorcery of a Queen

Brian Naslund

The Blacktongue Thief 

Christopher Buehlman

The Frozen Crown

Greta Kelly

Blood of an Exile

Brian Naslund

Bershad stands apart from the world, the most legendary dragonslayer in history, both revered and reviled. Once, he was Lord Silas Bershad, but after a disastrous failure on the battlefield he was stripped of his titles and sentenced to one violent, perilous hunt after another. Now he lives only to stalk dragons, slaughter them, collect their precious oil, and head back into the treacherous wilds once more. For years, death was his only chance to escape. But that is about to change. The king who sentenced Bershad to his fate has just given him an unprecedented chance at redemption. Kill a foreign emperor and walk free forever. The journey will take him across dragon-infested mountains, through a seedy criminal underworld, and into a forbidden city guarded by deadly technology.

The Ruthless Lady's Guide to Wizardry

C.M. Waggoner

News of the World

Paulette Jiles

The Professionals

Owen Laukkanen

An Innocent Client

Scott Pratt

Map's Edge

David Hair

Follow a renegade sorcerer off the edge of the map

Unnatural Magic

C.M. Waggoner

The Once and Future Witches

Alix E. Harrow 

Elevator Pitch

Linwood Barclay


Keith Richards

Call Of The Bone Ships

RJ Barker

In this fantasy world, life upon the ocean is everything

and everyone revolves around it. Condemned to the Black Ships,

and duty until death, Lucky Meas nevertheless has the ambition

to make plans of her own.


Patrick Ness

The Boy From The Woods

Harlan Coben


Bernard Cornwell

The Evening and the Morning

Ken Follet

Fair Warning

Michael Connelly

The Trouble With Peace

Joe Abercrombie

The Red Stained Wings

Elizabeth Bear

Marilia The Warlord

Morgan Cole

The Bone Shard Daughter

Andrea Stewart


In The Kingdom of All Tomorrows

Stephen R. Lawhead

The Unspoken Name

AK Larkwood

Long Road To Mercy

David Baldacci

The Guardians

John Grisham


Rowenna Miller

Bright Steel

Miles Cameron


Mother of Demons

David Hair

An Anonymous Girl

Greer Hendricks

The Ruin of Kings

Jenn Lyons

Sword of Kings

Bernard Cornwell

A Little Hatred

Joe Abercrombie

Dark Forge

Miles Cameron

Hearts of Ice

David Hair

Cari Mora

Thomas Harris

The Stone in the Skull

Elizabeth Bear

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