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The art of writing

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Every author has their own style.

I've taken up the challenge of novel-length fiction writing. This is a new endeavour for me, a learning opportunity and a leap into the unknown. It turns out my style is more like George R.R. Martin than Sue Grafton, author of the Alphabet Mystery Series. That is to say, my output is not huge on a daily basis. However, I was happy to reach the end of the story creation process and prove to myself that I could create an engaging story from one end to the other.

To go from a general outline to constructing a detailed, complete story is an accomplishment. Now all that remains is refining the results to make them as compelling as possible for the readers. Feedback is positive so far, as test readers and editors help me out, which is encouraging.

I find the mornings best for writing, the time when ideas seem to come to the fore. By two or three in the afternoon, the creative muse is gone and it is better to move on to other things.

The first novel took a year and a half to create. I look forward to refining the process and improving on the timelines for succeeding books.

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