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EV Travel Across Canada

We undertook a long drive across parts of Canada, including remote areas like the north shore of Lake Superior. Would it even be possible in an EV? We were determined to find out.

Starting in the prairies, we planned to drive as far as Barrie, Ontario in the Mustang Mach E 4x.

We reached our destination in Ontario after four days of driving, proving that their are enough charging stations on the Trans-Canada Highway for a cross-Canada trip. Careful planning is needed in sparse areas to handle the potential of broken charging stations, of which there were many. PetroCanada chargers are great when they work, but many were broken or underperformed. The gaps were thankfully filled in by other networks like Ivy, Flo & Co-op. Ivy had a great network in the remote areas of Northern Ontario. Here's to Canada's electric highway!

We were fortunate to get one last day of warm, summery weather on Lake Superior on the way back, enjoying a stay and swim at the beach. We had one day of challenging charging returning across the prairies, where all the level 3 chargers we tried were not working for one reason or another. Spent an afternoon in Virden, Manitoba, listening to the locals tell stories in the bar while topping up at a level 2 charger across the street at the old train station. The level 2 charger was free, thanks Virden!

Trip stats: 6614 km travelled; 4.8 kw/kWh averaged over the drive; Energy usage: 3% climate, 95% driving, 3% accessories. (Yes, I know that's 101%, direct all math complaints to Ford)

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