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Christening the Waterton Park EV Charger for 2023

Welcome back to national park season! I was the last person to use the Flo charger at Waterton National Park in October 2022. I also got to be the first person to use it in 2023! Yes, I love the park and we need to turn on more EV users to the beauty of this national treasure, located on Alberta's southern border. Spectacular trails, colourful mountains and crystal clear lakes, streams and waterfalls make this a superior destination. There's always a good chance to see wildlife and Parks Canada also provides free level 2 EV charging for Teslas and other types of EVs downtown in the village of Waterton.

The charging station was still blocked by snow, so I had to charge from the rear. Don't worry, the snow will be gone soon.

Snow-bound Waterton Charger
Snow-bound Waterton Charger

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