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A Taste Of Spring

Great news! The new release wines from the Okanagan are becoming available. I can recommend the 2020 Rosé from Hillside winery on the Naramata bench for a taste of spring. That may be welcome if there are still snowflakes falling where you are too, you might notice a few in the background of this picture. Like many wineries during the pandemic they are still offering free shipping across most of Canada.

Another excellent wine to explore, from near Kelowna in British Columbia, is the Gray Monk 2019 Pinot Gris, made from the Pinot Gris grape. In Austria, this grape is known as ‘Grauar Mönch’ and it's how the Gray Monk winery got its name, because this was the first vine cultivated by the owners after they arrived from Europe. The vine has a very distinctive blue-gray colored berry. Pinot Gris is a popular cultivar in the Okanagan Valley region and many wineries offer a good product based on this grape.

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